GE Performa 268 Valve

The Autotrol® Brand Performa® ProSeries Control Valve


When it comes to water conditioning systems, you get what you pay for. The money saved buying an inexpensive water softener will often be lost to expensive part replacement and frequent service calls. Often times, inexpensive systems will need to be completly replaced within 3 to 5 years.

The Performa 268 Valve from GE is efficient and highly dependable, and perfect for residential and light commercial applications. With fewer servicable parts and GE’s advanced technology, it will provide your household with perfectly conditioned water for years to come. The valve comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure your peace of mind in your investment.

Features Include:

  • 7-Cycle high-efficiency regeneration sequence
  • Friction-less Seal for Longer Life
  • Built from thermoplastic resin developed by GE, lead to exceptional corrosion resistance and precision fit components
  • Fewer Serviceable Parts for More Efficiency and Fewer Service Calls
  • Large 1 inch port available for high flow applications
  • Heat Weld Bonding Protects against micro-leaks and provides a perfect seal for years

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